The message

  • We work with you to craft a message tailored specifically to the customers you want to reach.
  • To ensure our approach is consistent with your own, we spend time with you learning everything about your wines, history, philosophy, people, verbiage and vision.
  • As wine professionals we are able to understand and convey this message to your customers seamlessly, intelligently and enthusiastically .

The Execution

  • We call as representatives of your winery, not as ‘Behind the Vine’.
  • We make two rounds of calls: an initial call, and a follow-up call.
  • If necessary, we work with you to craft a follow-up email for those who request to see the information in print. 

other details

  • We provide a detailed end of campaign report outlining sales numbers, percentages and all pertinent feedback.
  • We always offer your customers the opportunity to make an appointment or set up a tasting if they prefer to visit in person.