Strengthen Customer Relationships

  • We complement your efforts to obtain new customers by helping take care of your existing ones.
  • As wine professionals, we are able to understand and convey your brand’s message to your customers seamlessly, intelligently and enthusiastically.
  • Your customers feel special that one of their favorite wineries took the time to reach out to them

Boost Brand Awareness

  • Personal contact is invaluable for maintaining relationships and relevance with your customers. By engaging your customers in thoughtful conversation, we help you to stand out in their minds.
  • By recognizing your customer’s importance through personal phone calls we help turn them into lifelong ambassadors both during the campaign and afterwards in the marketplace.
  • We highlight your wines exclusively rather than them getting lost on a shelf with hundreds of other labels.

Increase Profits

  • We increase your direct sales immediately by getting your wines in the hands of your best customers for significantly less than distributors or retailers.
  • Through our outreach, your customers associate your wines with you and will be more likely to approach the winery directly for future allocations and re-orders.
  • All client information is immediately updated (i.e. shipping information, email addresses, phone numbers, preferences, etc.) to ensure effective communication and order fulfillment in the future.

other benefits of outreach

  • Realize a drastic and immediate influx of revenue.
  • Create goodwill among customers and stand out in a positive way in their minds.
  • Opportunity to build larger orders and move additional wines by up-selling during conversation. 
  • Opportunity to hear what your customers are thinking. What they love and what you can do better.
  • Great time to share vital news and non-sales messages with key customers. 
  • We provide a full report at the end of outreach with all pertinent information and feedback.